Mar 08

Book Ready Bootcamp! My New Online Book Coaching Program

Write that book fast - Book Ready BootcampI am very excited to be launching my first Book Ready Bootcamp!

This is an online book coaching program for women in business who are committed to writing that book and integrating it into their marketing and business strategy to grow and develop their business.

The program is delivered, online, over 12 weeks and is designed to bring you from book idea to finished manuscript FAST.

UPDATE: The first Bootcamp is now underway and going very well so don’t miss out on the chance to join my next Bootcamp in May. Contact me at justwrite@vaforauthors.com to find out more

Get that book written FAST

★ 12 Week Online Group Book Coaching Program
★ Weekly Group Calls with me
★ All Recordings
★ Q & A Sessions
★ Weekly Modules
★ Weekly Accountability + Motivation
★ Constructive Feedback and discussion
★ Private Facebook Group

Here’s a quick peak at the 12 Modules:

Module 1: Find that Idea and Get Started!
Module 2: Using your Table of Contents as your Hook
Module 3: Including Activities in your Book
Module 4: Intellectual Property – Does your book contain any?
Module 5: Seeding your Book
Module 6: Q & A Session
Module 7: The Importance of Reviews and How to get Them
Module 8: Making your Author Biography Stand Out
Module 9: Getting your Book Blurb Noticed
Module 10: Its all about the Cover
Module 11: Going Digital!
Module 12: What Next?

★★★ Free Bonus Webinar ★★★

Promoting your Book and Selling from your Website
Presented by ‘The Two Birds’
Sarah of Goldcrest Books and Louisa of Bright Owl Copywriting


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