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Aug 01

#AugustReviews ~ because every little helps :)

Having read Terry Tyler’s Bestsellers recently and loved it, how could I resist responding to her initiative. August 2016 is Write An Amazon Review Month! by Terry Tyler On Monday 25th July, book blogger Rosie Amber wrote this post encouraging readers and writers alike to post a short review on Amazon for any book they’ve read and …

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Aug 11

50 Shades of Reader – What makes a great Bestseller?

I am guest blogging today on the New Romantics Press website which is the home of the authors; Lizzie Lamb, June Kearns, Adrienne Vaughan and Margaret Cullingford. All of them, as you may have guessed, write romantic fiction… rather good romantic fiction. Are there really 50 shades of reader or do we all basically want the same …

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Feb 23

What every reader wants

I was absolutely delighted to be asked to guest blog for Lizzie Lamb, author of Boot Camp Bride and Tall, Dark and Kilted.  She wanted to know how a reader thinks and as I am not an author and only a reader I was very pleased to be able to share my thoughts with her. You can read …

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Oct 13

How to keep a journalist on your side – and how to infuriate them

I am very pleased to include a guest post on my blog today from Martin Warrillow who is a freelance journalist, copywriter, national magazine editor and blogger. Martin Warrillow on the do’s and don’ts of trying to get newspaper publicity for your book So you’re an author with a new book to promote. You’ve got …

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Apr 25

The Four Divisions of Editing

I connected recently with Patricia O’Reilly who is not just an author but also an editor. She also conducts a variety of writing workshops to help writers bring their work up to a professional standard. She agreed to write a few words about the importance of editing. ‘If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it’ …

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Apr 02

What it takes to start a book and to finish it!

Not being an author myself, I am always fascinated by the writing process and how authors get the ideas for their books and how they begin to write.  I have also wondered how it must feel to finally finish a book you have been working on for months or even years. I put this question …

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Mar 13

How Can An Author Tour the World Without Leaving Their Desk?

I answer this question in a blog post I was asked to write recently for a contact of mine. I’m guest blogging today on Edie Clarke’s website at where you can read the article.

Nov 29

Will a Video Book Trailer Make My Book a Bestseller?

A contact of mine in the USA recently posted a blog which I thought would be of interest to you if you are thinking about producing a video book trailer.   Will a Video Book Trailer Make My Book a Bestseller?   The answer to this question for many may be, no, but I think …

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