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Jan 18

A Book for Your Business – Business Women: Write a Book and Grow Your Business in 2016 – Workshop 3rd March

In one of my earlier blog posts I looked at the reasons why you should have a book for your business. You can read it here: Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Book for Your Business. But how do you go about it? How do you find that great idea? And when you’ve found …

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Jan 11

8 Outright Lies About Literary Agents Writers Shouldn’t Believe

Here is the second blog about literary agents which will dispel some of those myths and help you on the road to may be working with a literary agent yourself. Again, thanks to Writer’s Relief. For new writers, approaching a literary agent might feel like attempting to speak to a fierce, mythical creature shrouded in secrecy. And it …

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Jan 03

What are Literary Agents and how do they help authors?

I am often asked how a literary agent fits into the publishing process and exactly how having one can help an author. This post is the first of two about literary agents which will answer that question and more. Thanks to the team at Writer’s Relief for their wise words. Querying a good literary agent …

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Sep 01

What is the difference between and

If you are thinking of setting up a WordPress website one of the first questions that might come to mind is which one do I need? vs, what really is the difference between these two very popular platforms? I thought it would be useful to give you a quick overview of the pro …

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Aug 07

What are the best image sizes for your social media accounts? Check out this Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

I am often asked about the best image sizes to include on Twitter timelines or Facebook posts so I thought I would compile a list of the most popular social media platforms with the correct sizes for images. However, I then discovered that this had already been done and the great infographic below has everything …

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Mar 17

Why it is a Good Idea to have a Pinned Tweet on your Twitter Profile… and how to do it

So why would you want a pinned tweet on your Twitter profile?  First of all you might need to know exactly what a pinned tweet is, particularly if you are fairly new to Twitter.  Basically, it is a tweet that you have previously sent out and would like all viewers to see when they click …

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Nov 19

Top 7 Reasons why you should write an ebook for your business

You should write an ebook, I’m serious. Smart people with good ideas worth sharing can get a lot out of this exercise.    Seth Godin This is what Seth was saying way back in 2007 when far fewer ebooks were being sold, but it is even more relevant today. Financially there is nothing to stop you …

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Oct 13

How to keep a journalist on your side – and how to infuriate them

I am very pleased to include a guest post on my blog today from Martin Warrillow who is a freelance journalist, copywriter, national magazine editor and blogger. Martin Warrillow on the do’s and don’ts of trying to get newspaper publicity for your book So you’re an author with a new book to promote. You’ve got …

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Aug 27

How to use the Pomodoro Technique to your advantage.

ssmiling girl and alarm clock

I recently came across a blog post on explaining how the Pomodoro Technique could help you draft your book in just 3 weeks – while still having a life. I thought this could be interesting for not just writing a book, but for any other written tasks, writing blog posts, for example!   If you …

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Aug 19

How to save time with Social Media Shortcuts (infographic)

Social media shortcuts make working online so much easier.  Here are some useful ones for using with your favourite social media accounts.   Do you have a favourite shortcut which has not been mentioned?

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