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Jan 25

14 Things to do on Goodreads – An introduction to

I was invited to talk to a group of authors last year about Goodreads which is a terrific website for readers and a must for any author or aspiring author.  My talk went down very well and seemed to be of use to everyone, judging by the comments I received afterwards, so I thought I …

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Mar 13

How Can An Author Tour the World Without Leaving Their Desk?

I answer this question in a blog post I was asked to write recently for a contact of mine. I’m guest blogging today on Edie Clarke’s website at where you can read the article.

Nov 29

Will a Video Book Trailer Make My Book a Bestseller?

A contact of mine in the USA recently posted a blog which I thought would be of interest to you if you are thinking about producing a video book trailer.   Will a Video Book Trailer Make My Book a Bestseller?   The answer to this question for many may be, no, but I think …

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Sep 26

About the Author – KDP announces a new feature for the Kindle

About the Author will allow readers access to a biography and book lists for an author on their Kindle.  The books featured under each author will have clickable links so that readers can go direct to the Kindle store and buy.  If an author updates a biography or adds a new book through Author Central …

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Jul 27

Does your book have a ‘home’ online?

So you’ve written your book, published it, but now what do you do?  If you already know that you want a website then you are probably asking yourself ‘How do I set up a website for my book?’ or ‘What should my author website look like?’ Here are a few ideas to help you on …

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Jun 19

What are you promoting; You or your story?

I read an article recently by Rebecca Jones about confidence and what it really means, how we can get it and the impact it can have on our business.  I also came across a number of posts online from authors who didn’t feel confident or at ease about promoting themselves online.  These fiction writers wanted …

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Apr 13

Top 8 reasons why you should be blogging

  Build an online presence and show you are an expert in your field   Linking your blog posts to social media platforms, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter will extend your reach and help more people to get to know about you and your work.   Opens up opportunities for online and offline promotion.  A …

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Mar 14

Welcome to my Book Marketing Blog

I am celebrating! has just been launched on the world! It is a work in progress so do stop by again from time to time to see how it is progressing.  And look out for reports and articles to download later. The purpose of this Blog is to bring you hints on ways to …

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