support freedigphotosAs part of my business, I like to give back to others by supporting a charity or two along my business journey.  I currently support RNLI, MacMillan, The National Autistic Society and Thomley Activity Centre for disabled children and their families.  This can take the form of a membership subscription, buying merchandise connected with the charity and giving a portion of my profits.

I know I am not alone in this endeavour either, as not just large corporations, but also many smaller businesses and entrepreneurs are involved with a charity in some way.  I am not telling you this to make myself look like a saint, as I am certainly not that, but in the sincere hope that if you are not already connected with a charity that you will consider becoming involved in some way.  It is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for both parties.

I do offer discounts to books involved with a charity so if some or all of the proceeds from your book are going to charity and you need help with promoting it, then please get in touch and we can discuss how I can best work with you.

Authors working for charity

Working with authors, I also come across books that have been published to raise money for a particular charity.  Often the authors are giving up a percentage of the cost of the book, or the whole purchase price is donated to the chosen charity.  This, I think, deserves some recognition, as well as support, so I am developing this charities page to highlight authors, I am working with, who do just that.  Here is the first:


The Banana BunchThe Banana Bunch – Dawn Carroll

2 families of good-hearted, but distinctly accident-prone, monkeys have a human friend called Sheila. When Sheila is taken to hospital the monkeys learn that Sheila hates the hospital food; they decide to help. Unfortunately (as they soon discover) monkeys are not welcome inside hospitals.

When their first attempt at delivering bananas to Sheila is thwarted the monkeys decide to form The Banana Bunch, a secret society dedicated to the delivery of delicious organic bananas to Sheila and all the other people at the hospital.

Banana delivery proves, however, to be a little more tricky than they had expected….

The Banana Bunch book tells 31 independent, but chronologically linked, adventures of the 2 families of monkeys as they try (and generally fail) to deliver those pesky bananas. Things often go horribly wrong but, despite their many setbacks, the monkeys always have another plan…..

This is a delightful book which makes not just children laugh but adults too.  Beautifully illustrated by Linden Hare it is a collection of short stories which would probably be just the right length to read to young children at bedtime.  They are fresh, funny and original, they are also great testimony to the  enduring power of friendship as gradually the whole family of these cheeky mischievous monkeys is introduced to us.

By buying a copy of this book you are helping the author raise money for two charities:

ty hafen

winstons wish





You can buy the book on Amazon.  And follow the monkeys’ antics on Facebook


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