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Your book - book on shelf 246Preparing/formatting your paperback  

Have you an edited, finished manuscript that you now want to turn into a paperback, but don’t know how?

Preparing and formatting of your manuscript, ready for printing using CreateSpace or a printer of your choice

Opening an account for you on CreateSpace

Uploading of your manuscript and preparation of the paperback for you to proof


ereader and cup of tea with books 250
eBook Conversions

With the Kindle, Nook and iPad readers becoming more and more popular it is important to have a digital version of your book.

I can help convert your original Word document into a number of formats so it can be distributed to a wide range of retailers including Barnes & Noble, Kobo (WH Smith in the UK), Apple, Sony, Amazon.

You could also sell direct from your website by providing ePub versions that viewers can download to their eBook readers.

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Building a website or blog to match the look and feel of your book

This can include all or some of the below:

  • Searching for appropriate domain names
  • Help with arranging hosting your blog
  • Setting up the branded pages using WordPress
  • Installing plug-ins, social media buttons
  • Producing a contact form and opt-in form to capture email addresses
  • Selling your book from your site by putting in appropriate links to, for example, Amazon

These are just some of the possibilities.

Digital 3D image of your paperback

A 3D image of your latest paperback or hardback book will really enhance your website or blog.  Just send me the pdf or jpeg of your book cover and you could end up with something looking likes these:

The 20s Girl 3D coverBCB 3D cover transLast Bite of Cherry 3D coverA Model Murder Cover 3D Find out more button

Social Media – Maintain your online presence

  • Managing comments to your blog and filtering out spam posts
  • Submitting regular posts to your blog
  • Helping you repurpose material for your site and other social media platforms
  • Set up relevant accounts with, for example, Twitter (with custom background), LinkedIn, Facebook (with custom welcome tab).
  • Managing your social media accounts

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Digital 3D Book Cover

Would you like a 3D image of your book cover for your website?  It looks so much more interesting than a flat image and will really lift the look of your site. For just £15 you could have a fabulous looking 3D image of your paperback to display online anywhere you wish. You’ll even get some …

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