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Aug 11

50 Shades of Reader – What makes a great Bestseller?

I am guest blogging today on the New Romantics Press website which is the home of the authors; Lizzie Lamb, June Kearns, Adrienne Vaughan and Margaret Cullingford. All of them, as you may have guessed, write romantic fiction… rather good romantic fiction. Are there really 50 shades of reader or do we all basically want the same …

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Mar 07

World Book Day – the Beanstalk way

Of course, if you have seen a paper or been online, you can’t fail to notice that today is World Book Day.  But, perhaps you didn’t know that, according to an article in The Guardian this morning, 1 in 8 children in the UK leave primary school ‘unable to read to the required standard’. Beanstalk …

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