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Top 7 Reasons why you should write an ebook for your business

You should write an ebook, I’m serious. Smart people with good ideas worth sharing can get a lot out of this exercise.    Seth Godin

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This is what Seth was saying way back in 2007 when far fewer ebooks were being sold, but it is even more relevant today.

Financially there is nothing to stop you producing a book.  It costs nothing for you to write it, particularly if you allocate time outside your normal working day.  You don’t have to find a publisher or even a printer if you decide to produce an ebook.  You can also use free tools online to create your ebook if you are a little tech savvy.  You could even use your own images for the cover.

Even if you decide that you just want to do the writing then you can have an ebook produced for you which won’t cost a fortune. But the ebook itself, if it contains good content, is worth far more than the cost of producing it to not just the the person who reads it but to your business.

If you put your ebook up for sale on Amazon and market it, you could even make yourself a bit of money too.  However, that’s not really the most important reason for writing an ebook for your business.  There are a great many more reasons why you should write an ebook but here are my top 7:


  1. Establish yourself as an Expert You know a lot about your chosen field of work.  After all, you have trained or had years of experience.  You know what you are doing.  You are the authority in your business.But what is obvious to you, with your expertise, is not necessarily obvious to anyone else.  By sharing your knowledge you can not only help others but also build a reputation for being the ‘go to person’ in your particular niche.  When you write a book, it increases your credibility and people will come to you when they have questions and then hopefully buy from you.
  2. Write it once but it is there forever You only have to write your book once and it will potentially keep earning for you indefinitely.  You may need to update it from time to time but other than that and the work has been done and now it is a source of passive income.
  3. eBooks can go everywhere You’ve seen the adverts, people will have access to your ebook wherever they go.  According to Morgan Stanley around $5 billion worth of Kindle devices will be sold in 2014.  So the market is enormous and that’s just Kindles – there are other ereaders too.internet-library
  4. Grow your email list – use your ebook as bait You can make it available to download from your website.  Either for sale and the buyer needs to enter their name and email address to download it or use it as bait (as a freebie) to get people to sign up for your newsletter.  Either way you have a valuable new contact on your database who may go on to buy your product or service.
  5. Increase traffic to your website You can promote the ebook through social media and drive traffic to your website.  If you have ‘seeded’ your ebook , which means that you have included a call to action, your website details, a special offer and it is on amazon, then you can direct readers to your site where they, again, may buy more from you.
  6. Increase your exposure An ebook will increase your exposure. The more you are seen around the internet the easier it is for you to be seen as an authority – exposure breeds credibility and being able to say you are an author takes you to the next level.
  7. Make connections and build relationships There is a huge potential here; making connections which have been instigated through your ebook – forging relationships and strategic alliances.  An ebook makes it easier.

You can get results if you integrate your ebook into your business strategy; you will make connections, you will increase your database and you will add value and growth to your business.  So what’s stopping you?

Hopefully, this blog post has inspired you to think seriously about a book for your business.

As you know, your time in your business is valuable so why not get a professional to produce the book for you, then all you need to do is write it? Have a chat with me today about a book for your business. Or drop me an email, I would love to hear from you.

workshop image for websiteUPDATE:

Checkout my workshop for business women who wish to write a book for their business


You’ll find more information here



By the way, if by chance you haven’t heard of Seth, he is an author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker.  His blog is well worth a look.


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